More nominations, Blues Blast review, and Top 5 lists!

The Peach Pickin’ Mamas wrapped up an exciting year, and are looking forward to more adventures this year!

Individually, they each enjoyed several nominations, and their individual albums have received high praise from the media!

Their joint album sampler, simply entitled PEACH PICKIN’ MAMAS, was reviewed in the Blues Blast Magazine. You can read the review here.

And there’s a feature interview with Lisa in the latest edition. Read the full length interview here.

In addition to their own three song PPM CD, both Lisa and EG have released their own individual albums in the last year or so.

And Lisa’s latest album BELLE OF THE BLUES was nominated for a Blues Blast Award for Acoustic Album of the Year. Here’s Lisa, on stage at the Blues Blast Awards show.

Lisa Biales at BBMAs - 3Photo by Gary Eckhart

And since the release of EG’s A NEW DAY album, she has been nominated for the 2015 Blues Music Awards Koko Taylor Award. When asked how she felt about the nomination, Kight said “When the news came out that I’d been nominated for this prestigious award, named after my friend and mentor, I was elated! It brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had nominations in the past, but this one is especially exciting, because I know Koko would be excited for me, too.” Here’s a photo of EG and Koko at the BMA’s several years ago.

EG Kight and Koko Taylor at BMAs

So many good things have come their way that EG and Lisa came up with their own Top 5 lists….

Lisa’s Top 5 Most Important Moments in 2014
1. Singing with EG Kight. Any time I get to sing with The Georgia Songbird, that’s an important moment for me.
2. Making artistic improvements with watercolor are precious moments to me. I had a few this year.
3. My new CD BELLE OF THE BLUES was nominated for a Blues Blast  Music Award. I didn’t win, but we had a great time playing on the show, and it was inspiring to hear everyone play.
4. I had a magic moment this year when I heard my mother’s voice on a 78 rpm record. It was recorded in 1947 when she was just 23 years old, a song she wrote called “Crying Over You.”
5. Training for and completing a 200 mile bicycle trip from Key Largo to Key West,  and back!

EG’s Top 5 Most Important Moments in 2014
1. Being nominated for the Blues Music Awards Koko Taylor award is definitely a Top 5 life-changer for me!
2. Being named by as one of the Top 5 Blues artists of the year is an incredible honor.
3. Having my photograph chosen for the cover of a novel about Robert Johnson is something I never expected, and I was thrilled when I got a copy of the book in the mail.
4. Releasing my 8th blues album, A NEW DAY, one that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to make, after being sick with encephalitis and meningitis, was a very huge accomplishment.
5. Reading all the reviews, and getting email and facebook posts from my fans, telling me how much they love the new music always lifts me up.


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