What do you get when you mix the
rich vocals and guitar stylings of veteran blues singer/songwriter EG Kight
and the crystal pure vocals of americana artist/actress Lisa Biales?

Peach Pickin Mamas Rum Boogie

You get a highly entertaining and musically engaging show
that leaves the audience feeling like
they’ve just spent some time with long lost friends.

 Kight, long known as “The Georgia Songbird”,
and Biales, in recent years dubbed “The Belle of the Blues”,
each have a long list of credentials.

Peach Pickin' Mamas react to standing ovation after a performancePeach Pickin’ Mamas react to
standing ovation after a performance

Kight and Biales first performed together on a stage in Ohio, and instantly connected.
Together they’ve embarked on a musical journey.
Weaving a musical tapestry from many genres,
ranging from blues from the 1900′s to contemporary originals
that are destined to stand the test of time,
the music and chemistry between them is fresh,
providing for a dynamic and unforgettable performance.

.See their individual bios for details about their careers. 








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