Peach Pickin’ Mamas combines the fine vocals of Georgia’s peach of a blues diva with Ohio’s belle of the blues. EG Kight has worked to produce Lisa Biales’ music and they are now appearing together as The Peach Pickin’ Mamas.
This sampler begins with some nice fingerpicking and then Kight comes in on vocals to start “Graveyard Dead Blues.”  Biales swaps with Kight on the vocals in this version and they show us that they are a great team. It’s a cool song performed superbly by the two women. I can’t wait to see them perform together sometime, hopefully soon! They are a great duo!”
– Blues Blast Magazine

“A ‘Belle’ is one who is ‘powerful, has an artistic flair, and who is a natural entertainer with an infectious exuberance that draws a crowd.’  That is exactly what one hears when listening to Lisa Biales’s new album, ‘Belle Of The Blues’. When it came time to release Lisa’s ninth album, she once again turned to her ‘partner in crime,’ EG Kight. Lisa brings a lot of emotion and attitude to the table… The harmonies of EG and Lisa almost sound as if they are one. It is obvious, Lisa and EG Kight work well together. They are as one writer stated, ‘blues sisters’.”
– High Note Reviews

“EG Kight is a unique blend of southern comfort and down home goodness. Her performance invites the audience to come in and sit a spell while she and her band entertain with witty & clever songwriting and top notch musicianship. EG knows how to make her fans feel right at home.”
– David Hughes, Spa City Blues Society

“A collaboration between the ‘Belle of the Blues’ and the ‘Georgia Songbird’, how can one possibly go wrong? All but four of the eleven tunes [found on ‘Belle of the Blues’] were written by Kight, Horner and Biales or some configuration of the three with EG Kight involved on every tune. EG & Lisa have a bond that for whatever reason, works. This is one of those albums that is nearly impossible not to love. The album is a great mix of the up-tempo numbers and the ballads, giving the piece that diversity that keeps it fresh and powerful. This is one of those recordings that has a timeless sound and feel that will never get old. The epitome of southern charm, Lisa delivers the goods with style and finesse, not relying on sexuality, which she certainly could, to get her point across. This is a woman who has true talent. ‘Belle of the Blues’ is another winner, no doubt about it.”
– Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue

“A magical evening in so many ways. Our audience was mesmerized with Kight’s voice, her music and her authenticity.“
– Pat Armstrong, Athens Art Council

“What’s her secret, besides raw talent refined and polished to a metallic gleam? Just as an Olympic dais wouldn’t be complete without three winners upon it, this ‘Belle of the Blues’ CD achieves its glory via the flawless musical team of vocalists Biales and EG Kight… Truly, this lovely ‘Belle’ claims the vocal and team-effort gold in the ‘Blues Olympics’!”
– Rainey Wetnight, Blues Blast Magazine

“Whenever a blues artist comes along with something fresh and personal to say, it’s cause for celebration. Let us now celebrate EG Kight… uniquely rural, deeply personal sound and style.”
– Taylor Guitars magazine

“Lisa Biales gave a stellar performance and seemed to have the audience in the palm of her hand.”
– Brett Russell, Sojourner Concert Series

“Kight is a gentle and elegant woman who manages to channel Southern charm, sophistication and a fierce passion for the blues into one tremendously intoxicating voice.”
– Lisa Love, Georgia Music Hall of Fame

“Lisa Biales’ latest CD finds her, yet again, collaborating with EG Kight and Paul Hornsby to deliver yet another impressive slab of eclectic blues that effectively display the clarity and emotiveness of her passionate vocals. Biales is a blues treasure who deservedly accedes to the title “Belle Of The Blues.”
– Mick Rainsford, Blues In Britain

“Lisa Biales was a big hit with the crowd and the audience loved her.”
– Patti Liberatore, Miami University Performing Artist Series

“5***** for “Belle Of The Blues”, another truly astonishing accomplishment from Lisa Biales and her super talented host of performers and, by far, one of the best Female fronted Blues Recordings you are likely to hear in 2014.”
– John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

“EG Kight is called ‘The Georgia Songbird’ because she comes from Dublin, Georgia, and she has a smooth, delightful voice. And yet Kight leans towards Chicago idioms that often have much harsher, huskier vocals than her almost gentle approach. That is contrary to her Gospel upbringing, which usually features a belting overdrive in the vocals. Hence Kight gives us something a bit different that freshens up a style of Blues that can sometimes be formulaic. Award winning EG Kight may stray from some people’s idea of what “real” Chicago Blues should be, but I welcome her kinder, gentler approach to the genre.”
– Marc Applegate, KUNC, NPR station in Greeley, CO

“Lisa’s talent is exceptional!”
– Scott Morfee, Barrow Street Theatre, NY

“Biales specializes in a brand of blues that relies less on a performer’s histrionic delivery than most. Instead, she sings the song with such an ease that there’s never any doubt that she is the authority on the lyric being sung. To call her refreshing is an understatement.”
– Greg Victor, Parcbench








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